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About us

Since 1996 HSB is developing, producing and selling microcontroller switched components for automation control.

Beside standard products, includes timers, coupling relays, measuring- and monitoring relays, transducer, isolation converters or digital displays, we also offer customer specific solutions.
Unlike many large concerns we are developing, producing and selling our products completely from our location in Reith. So we are able to respond quickly, flexibly, economically  and without any effort  to the needs and wishes of its customers.

The company philosophy

the environmental awareness in daily life is highly rated by us. Therefore we have constructed our new company according to the lowest energy standards and so we undercut the directions of the German EnEV Energy. Since at the end of the year 2009/2010 we moved to our new location in Reith.

To be independent of fossil fuels such as oil and gas we have installed a 30 kWp photovoltaic installation at our roof, in addition with an air/water heat pump and ventilation with integrated counterflow heat exchanger. So the current produced from the PV installation can be used by ourself.

By packing our device we do not shun to reuse packing boards. We used biodegradable filling material made of corn starch and use paper tape.

The development

Because of our internal development of devices already during creating the circuit diagram and later board layout costs and components management could be optimized by our purchasing department.
By the use of the latest microprocessor technology we can be realize smaller subassemblies, due to the digitalization an extraordinary long-term stability, outstanding temperature stability and increased accuracy compared with conventional devices.

The production

By the investments made in the last few years our production capacity can be expanded and optimized. So we are able to react quickly and flexibly to customer enquiries.

We deliver quality „Made in Germany“.




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